Monday, March 31, 2008

Tips, Hostels, Weird Hotels, and Places to Go

Hey gang here are a few traveling tips that have been brought to my attention.

First, keep shoulder seasons in mind when booking flights this summer. When traveling to Europe, fly in May, late August, or September to save an average of $350 per ticket. The least expensive day to depart to Europe is Tuesday or Wednesday, which can save you approximately $55 per ticket.

For domestic travel, if you are flexible, wait until late August or early September to find values on end of summer fare sales. When traveling domestically, Sunday is the most expensive day to fly, while Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest. Flying Tuesday to Tuesday can save a family of four $220, or $55 per ticket on average.

I also happened upon some cool travel sites as well.

This site allows you to navigate through different hostels from all around the world and even book them directly from the site. This is convenient so you don’t have to run around looking for a bed when you arrive in your destination. More time to enjoy your surroundings is always a good thing.

This one is a fun one showing you many of the weirdest hotels the world has to offer. My favorite ones are the underground/cave ones.

This site makes me want to get on a plane immediately. The problem would be which one to go to. Well that and money, but that’s another story. 25 places to visit in your lifetime. I’m sure there’s a million different lists like this, but I stumbled on this one and figured I’d throw it in there. Enjoy!

Until next time.

Tips, Hostels, Weird Hotels, and Places to Go